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College Ministry


The Well is the college ministry of Wellspring Church. During the school year, we have our large group gatherings on Wednesday nights at 8pm on campus. Students gather weekly to hear teaching from the Bible, answer questions about the lesson in small groups, and worship through live music. Lessons are taught by members of our church and are based on scripture from the Bible. Wednesdays are a great time for students to slow down, decompress and be filled in community with fellow believers. 



In this PDF, you'll find 31 one-page prompts that you can read, meditate on, and help use to preach the Gospel to yourself.


The Bible tells the true story of God and the whole world. But it isn't just a story from back then; it teaches us how we're supposed to understand God, ourselves, and the world we live in. But it's not the easiest thing to read. 

Check out the Bible Project and their awesome app to dig further into the story. 



1. Start your day with Scripture and Solitude

2. Have at least two points of relational contact each day

3. Exercise or do something active each day

4. Preemptively limit escapist tendencies

5. End your day with Gratitude and Gospel

If you're interested in learning more about Rule of Life, click the buttons below to listen to helpful sermons and podcasts.


Spring 2023

Spring Reading Guide 

Read along with us this semester through Exodus and 1 John

as we build our skills in reading and learning from the Bible. 

Screenshot 2023-01-18 at 12.08.24 PM.png

Exodus 3.1-22 — The Burning Bush + Israel's Response — Guide

Exodus 7.8-11.10; 12.1-13 + 12.16 — The Plagues + The Passover — Guide

Exodus 13.17-14.4 + 14.15-31 — Pillar of Cloud and Fire/The Red Sea — Guide

Exodus 20.1-17 — Ten Words of Life — Guide

Exodus 32 — Idolatry and Grace — Guide

Exodus 40 — God Dwells Among His People — Guide 

1 John 1 — Walking in the Light — Guide

1 John 2 — Christ Our Advocate + A New Command — Guide

1 John 3 — Love One Another — Guide

1 John 4 — God is Love — Guide

1 John 5 — Overcoming Through Testimony — Guide

1 John Graphic.png
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