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Want to go deeper? Here are a few resources you can check out to keep learning and growing. Check each section for resources that correspond to each mini series. 

Gospel Fluency

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Gospel Word Study, The Bible Project

Here's a really helpful resource for you to begin reading what the Bible has to say about this thing called "the Gospel". Click the link to download a free PDF. 

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The Explicit Gospel, Matt Chandler

This book will dig into some of the nuances in understanding the Gospel according to the Bible and some ways that might impact your life. 

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"The Gospel of the Kingdom", the Bible Project Podcast

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Gospel Fluency, Jeff Vanderstelt

The namesake for the series; Vanderstelt will help you translate the truth of the Gospel and Jesus' lordship into the "everyday stuff of life." A perfect next step for those who are familiar with the claims of the Bible and want to grow in their maturity. 

These three podcasts are a part of a series that looks at the theme of the Gospel of Jesus belonging to the Kingdom of God. This theme runs clear through the Old Testament and is critical for understanding who Jesus is and what his message is about. 


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Incarnate, Michael Frost

Jesus was God in human form. He brought dignity to the human body, but also called us to worship God with our bodies. This book discusses how we — as people in an age that encourages disembodiment — can take seriously God's call to love and worship him in and with our bodies. 

Image of God, Bible Project Podcasts

God made us in his image, but specifically with physical bodies. Learn more through these podcasts about what it means that we are made in God's image. 

Theology of the Body, John Paul II

For 7 years, John Paul II taught weekly what the Bible teaches us about how to understand our bodies. This 350+ page document discusses at length a thorough theological consideration of the human body. It is a seminal work. 

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Christian Counseling Resources 
in State College 

For those in search of a list of professional Christian counselors, please find the attached document for specialties and contact information

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